• Baby & Me

    Baby and Me is the ultimate social gaming destination for the Modern Mom. The name of the game is balance - Balancing your life as a woman with your life as a mom. And at the end of the day, only you can truly decide if you have what it takes to be the ultimate Modern Mom, for your Baby and for you.
  • Bad Meets Evil

    In Bad Meets Evil users roam about a chilling world populated by society's rejects. After using Grab Games' Avatar Creator, users must finish missions in the virtual world to level up. Gamers must also arm themselves with the best weapons to one-up the competition. The end goal? Make it to Hell!
  • Big Money Slots

    Are you ready to win Big Money? Grab proudly introduces the first(!!!) Social Slots game with a Progressive Jackpot! Play for your chance to score 5 in a row and claim the jackpot - each bet made adds to the pot!
  • Brad Paisley World

    Brad Paisley World is the ultimate interactive experience where players can hang out with Brad, their friends and other fans in Brad's own virtual world! Brad Paisley World combines the next generation of social games with the ultimate fan experience to make for something never-before-seen.
  • Gold Miner: Rush

    We have everything you need to be the next great Gold Miner. Jump in and set out on an exciting new adventure in a land that's ripe with plunder. Play against your friends on Facebook and compete for wealth, fame and glory!
  • Grab Games

    From classics like Gold Miner and Belles Beauty Boutique to our game of the week; Play your favorite online games on Grab! Once you've buffed up on your favorite games invite your friends to play along and create a tournament or make new friends on our lively forums. We're always adding new things so come back often and grab a whole days worth of fun!
  • Penguin Patrol

    Venture out to the Antarctic wilderness to save the scared baby penguins from the clutches of the evil (but oddly stylish) Walrus. But watch where you walk: with each step you take, the thin ice behind you breaks. Without careful planning, you could cut off your own escape route!
  • Survivor World

    Survivor World is a virtual-experience that stays true to the world of Survivor. Users are free to take to the unnamed tropical paradise with little more than their wits. Players must explore the island searching for food, clean water, find shelter, and form tribes with their friends to outwit, outplay and outlast.